5 Ways NOT to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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If you don’t want your ex girlfriend back, there are some very specific behaviors that you can display which will make her run for the hills.  Of course, if you do want her back, paying attention to this article can help as well.  Simply don’t display these behaviors if you’re thinking of reuniting.  So, without further ado, here are 5 ways NOT to get your ex girlfriend back.

1. Call Her Every Day and Tell Her You Miss Her

If you definitely don’t want your girlfriend back, you should call her every single day and tell her you miss her.  Let her know how you can’t stand to be without her and why you’re suffering.  Tell her each little thing that is special about her and why you love her so much.  This is the perfect way to smother your ex girlfriend to the point that she will never consider being with you again.  For an added affect, cry while you’re on the phone with her and remind her several times that she is the only one in the world for you.  This will show her.  Of course, if you do want her back, this is certainly not the way to go.

2. Lay in Bed, Depressed Until She Comes Back

Another very important thing you should do if you don’t want your ex girlfriend to come back to you is lay in bed all day and do nothing until she comes back.  Whatever you do, don’t spend any time trying to improve yourself in any way.  This includes dieting, exercising, purchasing new clothes that make you look amazing or trying to further your career. 

3. Be Spiteful and Rude to Her When You See Her

After all, she’s the one who broke your heart, right?  If you see her in public, make sure you are as rude as you can be – tell her how much you couldn’t stand her nagging while the two of you were together, let her know that she is just like her mother and tell her that you think she may have a halitosis issue.  Any man who wants his ex girlfriend back would never act like this, so you’re on the right track if you’re displaying these behaviors.  Make sure you’re not polite or seem as if you care about her at all.

4.   Refuse to Socialize with Anyone Else Until She Returns

Don’t go out with your friends, don’t speak to your family and refuse to socialize with anyone at work.  Simply mope about, letting everyone know how miserable and rejected you feel.  Forget about meeting new people and having a great time without your ex girlfriend – only guys who want their ex-girlfriends back do that to show that they have confidence and can get along without their exes. 

5. Refuse to Accept Any Blame at All for the Failed Relationship

Obviously, whatever you do – don’t accept any blame for any part of the relationship’s ending.  Even if you know you did things wrong or should have done them differently, make sure you let her know that it was all her fault and that you were absolutely perfect when it came to being her boyfriend.  That will really turn her away!

If you definitely don’t want your ex girlfriend back, use the tips above to make sure she runs away and thanks her lucky stars that you’re gone.  Oh…and if you do want her back, simply do the opposite of everything above.


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