American Idol Twist

There is always so much attraction to American Idol. Well take the American Idol Twist: and instead of spending countless hours simply caught up in the mindless silver screen hypnosis , turn your focus on the American’s whom you Idolize all around you. Spend that extra time and effort caring for and treating your family and neighbors in a special way and receive the award yourself : The award of great satisfaction that you were there for someone and spent time with someone who really needed you. Don’t just come home from work and mindlessly plop in front of the “box”. Think rather how you might be able to be a help to someone right now. Maybe an immediate phone call of sharing encouragement or support to someone you know who needs it. Perhaps you could pick up a little something at the bakery and drop off to a friend or two. There’s plenty of ways to be creative if we spend the time to sit and think. Idolize your American friend or neighbor today! It’ll beat any award that Celene and Elvis never got for never actually singing together 🙂 ha.

Well of course it’s ok to catch a show of American Idol but the point being here that why not truly Idolize the ones who mean so much to you.   Instead of swooning over every tv-episode swoon instead over your loved one within physical reach. Instead of wasting too much breath on all the tv hype why not use extra breathe encouraging a heart who really needs to hear your words of love and care for them.

Who knows maybe by sharing extra time with those around you in a practical sense you may be that someone’s special American Idol.

Do the American Idol Twist 🙂 and let others know by show instead of just simply watching a show.

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