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Other people like you are working at home and getting paid on a regular basis.  They have found work at home jobs they like. Many of the big national corporations like phone companies employ home workers. Would you like to know more about work at home jobs?

One special online space where people get together and chat about the work at home jobs they have is the popular work at home forum. You can join these work at home forums for free and join the discussions about work at home jobs. You can read about the facts and foibles of these jobs. You can read how they are getting paid, if they are getting paid and when they are getting paid. You can decide for yourself if you think you would like to have that job and if it fits into your schedule.

You may have to register and be a forum member to post in the forums or to read or reply to messages. Some forums do not allow any advertising at all even in your signature. Some forums only allow it in your signature. With some forums, when you are a forum member, you can only advertise in specified areas. If you post anywhere else you might lose your membership. Some forums consider that spamming the message board. Those rules might seem strict but you do want to read about legitimate work at home jobs and not just income opportunity or get paid to advertisements.

You have to be a forum member to post in the WAHM Forum. You can only post messages that advertise your products or links in the Advertise Your Business folder. You can read about members’ opinions and experiences working at home for Alpine Access, AmeriPlan, Baby To Bee, ChaCha, Google Raters, KeyForCash, KGB, PrePaidLegal, Scopists, VerAFast, West And WorkingSol in the WAHM Forum. You can also read about many home businesses including home party plan sales reps businesses.

You can read messages about working for 800 Flowers, ACD Direct, Alpine Access, Arise, BrickXBrick, CLC, Cloud 10, Convergys, Ecallogy, NTI, OnPoint, Stewart Response Group, Sutherland, UHaul, VerAFast, VIPDesk and VoiceLog here. You have to be a registered member to read and post.

You can ask people if they have heard of a home job you’re interested in an Anyone Ever Heard Of? section at the WhyDoWork Forums. You can also read about jobs in the WhyDoWork jobs search engine in the forums.  

You can read messages at the WorkAtHomeForum as a nonmember. You have to be a registered forum member to post and reply to messages.

You have to be a registered member to post new topics or to reply to messages in the Work-At-Home-Forum. You can read messages about being a West At Home Agent at

The WorkFromHomeBoard has messages about work at home jobs and home business opportunities and work at home jobs postings. You can read them as a nonmember but you have to be a registered member to post.

Some other websites where you can get free advice and recommendations about working at home are, and

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