Hoover Steam Vac With Clean Surge

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After using the Hoover Steam Vac With Clean Surge for the first time today, I have to say I am very happy with it overall. My carpets look great and they aren’t even completely dry yet.

This product was very easy to assemble, and took me about ten minutes to put together. The directions are fairly easy to understand. The Hoover Steam Vac is also very easy to use and easy to maneuver. I did four rooms plus a hallway in a five hour time span, and that included stopping for quite a few breaks because it was a hot day.

Of course the tank is not as large as the tank on a commercial cleaner so you have to refill it more often, but a smaller tank is also much easier to carry back and forth. Even the dirtiest of areas on the carpet, the high traffic areas, look clean now and blend in with the rest of the carpet.

I have four cats so I vaccuum very frequently, as many as three or four times a week. I also vaccuumed right before using the Steam Vac, yet the Steam Vac brought up unbelievable amounts of hair, so I know it really cleaned the carpets deep down.

The Steam Vac also has a hose with a hand tool for upholstery, spills and spot cleaning. The hand tool was easy to use, as well, and did a very good job.

I had a very hard time deciding on which steam cleaner to purchase and after using the Hoover Steam Vac today, I can honestly say that I made a great choice and am extremely happy with it. My only advice to someone purchasing this product would be to purchase extra cleaning solution, because the bottle that comes with it is only sixteen ounces, and you use five ounces with every tank filling.

If you’re looking for a steam cleaner and unsure of which to purchase, I would definitely recommend the Hoover Steam Vac With Clean Surge.


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