Need your computer to run faster?

Everyone has complaints about computers right? well at times we all do. What many folk do not realize is that a computer really needs to have a good tune up every once in awhile to keep it running smooth. Unlike a car though practically anyone can do this maintenance.

All you will need is your windows operating disc that came with your computer [ie xp or vista etc](or in some cases which you had to create by following cd-burning-steps).

If your computer is not as efficient as it once  here is one way you can fix it yourself: First back up any important data. Then simply put your windows operating disc or restore disc into your drive and choose the option to reformat your computer. Of course all these discs have different wording to this effect but look for similar that states to reformat or restore computer to factory settings. This is something you can do yourself. No need to send your computer out to a repair store or to get a tech guy to come in. Its as simple as clicking on the series of “next” “next” buttons on the disc when it starts. It can possibly take an hour or more to finish its course depending on the specs of your computer and its possible you may have to insert a disc #2 along the way to finish but this is certainly a simple resolution to getting your computer up and running at fast speeds again , just like when you bought it brand new. Some even suggest to do this on a regular 6 month or 1yr schedule.

The important thing to remember and emphasize is to first back up any important information you have to cd or dvd discs or perhaps a usb external storage disc. Your little bit of time could save you a bundle of money and keep your computer running smoothly for years to come.

Another good note to remember after getting your computer back up to speed is to take extra caution not to junk up your computer with too many non-sense programs and games. I would suggest only downloading and installing programs that you know for sure you will be using on a consistent basis.

Happy computing on your faster computer.


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