And the Heisman goes to….

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It’s down to three for this year’s Heisman award. It’s so obvious who should win (hint — his picture is on the left) that I shouldn’t have to point it out, but I will. COLT MCCOY.

Why, you may ask? This awesome Texas quarterback is up against last year’s winner Tim Tebow and (ugh) Sam Bradford. In case you live under a brick or don’t follow football, Tebow and Bradford will face off in the National Championship game January 8. Of course, rightfully Colt McCoy should be playing against Tebow in that game since UT BEAT OU (45-35) at a neutral site (although technically it was a HOME GAME for OU). With the screwy BCS system, UT didn’t get to go to the Big 12 Championship game against Mizzou, which OU won. OU’s obnoxious coach, even knowing Bradford’s hand was injured, kept him in the entire game and ran up the score (though they’d clearly won) in an obvious attempt to win style points for Bradford.

That’s not something UT Coach Mack Brown does. Maybe he should run up points (not at the expense of his players if they are injured, though — Bradford needed surgery on that hand). Mack prefers to leave teams with some dignity and usually puts in second stringers to give them play time when UT is obviously winning. I don’t pretend to be a coach, but I watch a lot of football. Mack has class, as does Colt McCoy. Colt is in this for his team. When interviewed, he’s not constantly boasting about himself (unlike Bradford), but rather credits the entire team. And he’s grown so much in the past two years.

Colt’s pass completion rate is 77.6 percent. The kid is fast, too. He was the best runner on his team in six out of 12 games. He’s a model citizen, though I don’t know if that counts with the Heisman voters. It should.

What will hurt Colt? Well, he didn’t get to play that extra game. Tebow (my second choice) played against Alabama and won. Bradford played Mizzou (shouldn’t have, but did) and won. Of course, Texas beat both OU’s Bradford and Mizzou. Will that weigh in with Heisman voters? Or will that extra game hurt Colt?

I’m unabashedly a Longhorn fan, so of course I’m all for Colt McCoy. But I believed in him even when he took over for Vince Young, back when he wasn’t really ready and our team didn’t win the big games. I knew he’d mature into the player he is today. So Colt, no matter what happens Saturday, you are a winner in the eyes of Texas.


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