How to bot on runescape

Step 1. Setting up the bot

1.Ok first of all you have to go to and click on the download button you will see.


2.After taking the time to download it and putting it into a folder you need to download the thing that makes the bot run. You need to download JDK (Java Development Kit) which is needed to run RSBot.
JDK can be found at:


Remember that after download you install it instead of just leting it lie around in some folder.

4. Now make a folder and extract the rsbot you downloaded earlier into the folder and click on the file that is named compile.bat. Something like this should pop up.


5.After closing that you can click either play or play-free depending on if you are a member or not.

Step 2. Running the bot

1. After click play or play-free something like this should pop up.


2. Click on edit then accounts and a new box will pop up. You can either give it your real account info or some fake as it doesnt matter as long as the break handler is off. However you must add something.


3. After that you can log in.

4.To run a script (something to tell the bot what to do) click file then run script. Something like this will pop up. Choose a script and click ok.


5. Make sure you go to the place the script tells you to or it will not work.

Note: After a while the bot is going to be out of date and you can update it by downloading the bot agian or by another way using something called an SVN update.

Thank you for reading this.

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