How to Get an Ex-Girlfriend Back Now

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Do you want your ex-girlfriend back?  Perhaps she dumped you or you broke up with her, thinking it wasn’t what you wanted.  Now, however, you’re committed and you’ve decided that she was the one for you.  This can be a difficult thing to deal with – you’re probably heartbroken, panicked and hoping that she will just walk back through that door and tell you she loves you.  Before you break out the Kleenex, here are some tips that will teach you how to get an ex-girlfriend back now.

Show Her What You Are Made Of –

While you may think the only thing you can do is apologize profusely, send her flowers and cards and roses – it’s not.  The last thing you want to do is cling to her in an attempt to make her come back – begging, crying and pleading are not the best ideas at this time.  The last thing a woman wants is a man who is that desperate, so even if you do feel that way, don’t let her know.  You want her to know what you’re made of, so get out, smile and act like you’re having a good time.  If you run into her somewhere, continue having a good time and even say hi to her and ask her how she’s doing – but don’t act as if her presence there has devastated you and certainly don’t act as if you’re dying without her. 

Improve Yourself –

Whether she dumped you or vice versa, there are usually many different things which cause a relationship to end.  Most of the time, both partners are at fault.  It’s important that you spend some time seeing your own faults and since hindsight is 20/20, you’ve probably already realized some of the things you should have done differently.  Keep these things in mind for the future.  Another way of improving yourself is physically.  Start a new diet, start working out and buy some new clothes that make you look irresistible.  You may even work really hard to get a promotion at work, start taking classes or join a volunteer center.  Anything you can do to improve yourself will help you out when you’re trying to get your ex-girlfriend back now.

Show Her What She’s Missing –

Your ex-girlfriend probably doesn’t realize what she’s missing, but you can remind her.  After you’ve let her know that you’re alright without her, you can remind her of how great you are.  For instance, if you show up to get something you accidentally left at her house, you can be very sweet to her and let her know that if she needs you, you’re there.  Don’t overdo it – simply remind her of the fact that she can count on you.  When you do things like this, it will make her think again about why she’s not with you now.

Date –

Okay, this seems like the last thing you should do, right?  Well, in some cases it is so you will have to judge what your girlfriend will do, but for most women this will drive them crazy.  If she thinks her chance is gone, it will panic her all the more.  This is really important if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back. 

Although it can seem like a difficult thing to get your ex-girlfriend back, you can do it.  Use the tips and tricks above to show your ex-girlfriend why she should take you back now.


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