Eating healthy while cutting costs

Staying healthy while cutting costs does not have to be hard. With these helpful hints, you can easily cut costs and eat healthy.

Tip #1 – Avoid junk food. Not only is junk food unhealthy, It is usually more expensive than healthier options. If you have a big family, ease in to the healthier style. Your family may not adjust quickly to the changes. Before buying fast food, you can buy food from the store. It will last you longer, and it is better for you.

Tip #2 – Canned fruits (packed in juice) and vegetables are healthy. They are processed differently and keep a lot of their original nutrients. Rinsing canned fruits and vegetables is a good way to get rid of excess syrup and sodium if needed. Buying in-season produce is cheaper. In the winter, get oranges for snacks. In the summer, maybe eat some blueberries and raspberries.

Tip #3 – Grow your own produce. It costs about 10$ for the original plants, and you have freshly picked produce all summer. This is not recommended if living in an apartment, unless you have a balcony or window that gets direct sunlight. This cuts costs for tomatoes and other produce items extremely for the whole summer.

Tip #4 – Plan what to buy before you go to the grocery store. See what coupons you have that you can use. Check what you have in your pantry and fridge to avoid buying the same thing again, and it also shows what can be a side item. Do not ever shop hungry. You may want to get more things, and may overbuy your budget. Going to the store full makes your judgement better.

Tip #5 – Ask your family what they want before you go out to the store. They may not like your choices. Make sure that you get the healthy items that they like personally. If you have little ones in your family, ask them if they would prefer, say, apples or bananas. If you want to change the way your family eats, you should get them their personal preferences. 

Eating healthy on a fixed income isn’t that hard. It may take time to adjust, but it is worth it in the end. I hope i helped.

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