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When you say relationship, what come to the mind of my people is purely the interaction between  a man and a woman, the romantic affairs, the body and soul connection, The normal routine of love and affections, feelings, dating etc

Relationship is more than than that, greater and more important than emotional feelings and attachment of the body and soul.

Relationship is the atom of existence and interactions among humans, and without it man is in isolation and living in darkness.

Relationship plays a vital role in our day to day living. It is the bedrock of existence for any given person, people, group. organizations, states, country etc, for existing and co- existing as a form of interacting, relating in our day to day, doings, dealings.

It is of importance to know and understand the place  and value of relationship in our world.
For this is the only foundation for survival for any given entity .
Without it man and the cooperate world is in darkness,  no lone ranger can survive of it own accord.

We need someone, we need partnership, we need fellowship, we need inspiration to survive and be better in life.
No single tree can make a forest, so it is for every one, no matter the field you belong to , you need a relationship, either directly or indirectly to succeed, to become  better in productivity and make and impact in your world, for this is the real definition of relationship in it wide scope


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