You really SHOULD have a website!

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Having a website in today’s world is not just a great idea , it can actually help your life. You can even make a website with tremendous ease and totally free! There is an online website creation tool that I personally use that creates a very professional looking flash enabled website. There is nothing to download so that is nice and all you need to do is sign up with your own personal account and then begin your creativity. This is found at the site

When you log into your account you can simply choose from the many various backgrounds , icons , fonts , and can even upload your own pictures and music to incorporate for the very personal touch that all your friends , family and business associates or clients will appreciate. One of the features I especially like about is the ability to add a paypal button right on your website. Its a simple drag-and-drop process. Once you have that displaying on your site its so simple for your friends and family or any business client to click and drop funds right into your own bank account.

The company offers paid-for accounts as well but I find that using the free account is more than sufficient. Its also a lot of fun creating on this site even if you are creating a business-type of website to earn you income.

A professional looking website is great to have! If you’re talking with anyone concerning your business or family or just your interests , you can direct them to check out all your information so they have instant access to all the information you’re trying to convey. But again reiterating not just a website but a very professional looking and free-to-create website. I’m sure your family who live away would love to see your family(pictures and videos which you can upload ) and can have the opportunity to send birthday or anniversary money-gifts via the donate button you put on your site. If you’re a business you definitely need to show that extra professionalism displaying your products and or services. A website professionally created speaks volumes and YOU can do it with this masterful free utility online: . You can even begin by using templates already created and simply changing the words and pictures to customize to your own design. An amazingly simple way to help yourself in a big way.

For those who know that many flash enabled sites are difficult to list in the search engines , you will be pleased to know that this website creation tool also lists your site according to the information you set and places your site nicely in many search engines.

You can of course take things further and set up your own domain name (for example: and have it redirect to this new website you just created to take your professionalism one step further . We’ll leave that for another article.

Have fun creating! And it truly is fun at work! And dont forget to add your paypal button so you too have the potential to receive money in just a click.


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