How to Get a Girl Back Once and For All

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            If you’ve had a recent breakup with your girlfriend but you’ve realized that she is the only one for you – you’re probably wondering how to get your girlfriend back once and for all.  Is there anything you can actually do or can you only wish and hope?  While you may be considering sending flowers, candy or love notes in order to win back her favor.  Unfortunately, in many relationships, this is not the best thing to do.  In fact, it could even push her further away.  Here are some effective tips on how to get a girl back once and for all.

Take Some Time for Yourself –

While this may be the last thing you want to do, it is not only essential for your own health – but it’s essential for getting your girlfriend back.  It’s important that you spend some time on you – whether you create some future goals to improve your life, spend some time with your friends, go out and have some fun or just reflect on the mistakes you may have made.  When you give yourself some important time to think things over, you will be improving yourself – which will help you win back your girlfriend.  Start a new diet plan, take some night classes, expand your career, etc.  This is a great way to start the process of winning her back for good.

Reflect –

Once you’ve taken the much needed time for yourself, consider whether you still want your ex girlfriend back?  Have you had a change of heart over the past few months and feel as if moving on would be your best option?  Do you still feel totally and completely in love with her and know that you want her back for good?  Reflect on the way you feel so you know you’re not making any rash decisions and what you want is what you will want in a few months’ time or even a few years’ time.

Playing Hard to Get –

Okay, here’s where you start to pull in some foolproof tactics to get your girlfriend back once and for all.  Chances are, since you’ve been involved in yourself for a while – your ex girlfriend has already started missing you and thinking about you.  Now, you just want to take it a step or two further.  Show up at a party that she will be attending.  Don’t approach her – let her approach you.  Make sure you smile and laugh as if you’re having the time of your life.  Don’t overdo it – just let her get the impression that you’ve been doing fine without her.  This will be enough to really make her reconsider the situation.

Reminding Her What She’s Missing –

After you’ve played hard to get, you need to remind her what she’s missing.  Can you visit her to pick up something you accidentally left behind at her house – or something similar?  While you’re there, show her your sweet side.  Ask her if she has been doing ok.  Take a small interest in things that are going on with her and let her know that you’re there for her if she needs you.  After that, immediately tell her you have plans and need to go.  You will leave her remembering what a great guy you are and wondering why she’s not with you at the current time!

Although it can be difficult to get your girlfriend back, with these tactics, you can do it.  Women want a mix of strength and sensitivity in their men and it drives them wild when they find it.  Show that side of yourself to her and let things happen naturally.  Good luck!


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