The Workplace Wonder Desk Exercises

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Add these Workplace Wonder exercises to your workday routine. Your muscles have become tense while you’ve been sttiing in that desk chair. You need to stretch and exercise to relieve the tension in your muscles. These exercises will give you a good stretch and relieve the tension in your body. They will help to tone your muscles, reduce stress and improve your mood. They will also improve your posture and metabolism.

It is important to do some exercise that stretches your neck to relieve neck tension. Try some neck rolls. Slowly rotate your head in a counterclockwise and then a clockwise direction. Lower your head so your chin touches your chest and hold. Then slowly move your head back and hold. Move your head to the right side (toward your right shoulder) and hold and then move your head to the left side and hold. Slowly turn your head to the right and hold. Then slowly turn your head to the left and hold. These exercises will help to relieve any tension you have in your neck and upper back from sitting at a desk.

Shrug your shoulders five times. Alternately move each shoulder forward and back five times. Rotate your shoulders backwards and forwards five times.

Your hands may also feel tense. Stretch out your fingers and hold three times. Wiggle your fingers. Give your hands a complete massage including the fingertips and the webbing between your fingers.

Tighten and relax every muscle of your body starting with your feet. Scan your body for tension starting with your feet and relax any areas where you feel tension.

These eye exercises will help to relieve eye strain from looking at a computer monitor. Blink your eyes three times. Blinking three times will help to lubricate your eyes. Try it when your eyes feel dry or tired. Roll your eyes in a clockwise direction five times. Then roll them in a counterclockwise direction five times. Look at something at a distance for a few moments. Try to relax your eyes for a few moments when they feel tired.

Breathing deeply diaphragmatically three times throughout the day will help to relieve tension. If you have stress or problems breathe deeply three times for stress relief. This should help to calm and relax you so it is easier to deal with the stress.

For your stomach and abdominal muscles try leaning back and then forward ten times. Keep your feet on the floor and be careful not to lose your balance or tip over the chair. Tighten your abdominal muscles ten times. Inhale and while exhaling pull your stomach and abdomen in and hold ten times.

If you’re sitting in a swivel chair turn to the left and then the right ten times keeping your feet on the floor. You can add holding your arms out to the sides to this exercise.

Lift your heels ten times. Then lift your toes (the front part of your foot) ten times. Wiggle your toes ten times. Extend your leg to the front and return it ten times with each leg.

Try this yoga spinal twist type exercise for your back. Inhale and turn your torso and head to the right and hold. Exhale, then inhale and turn your torso and head to the left and hold.

Shake your hands and arms. Shake your head. Shake your shoulders. Shake your legs and feet.

In these exercises when you hold you can hold for a count of three or any count that feels right to you.


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