The One Reason You aren’t Losing Weight

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Losing weight is hard. I have had first hand experience of this when I was a kid. I was the chubbiest second grader in my class. I was about twenty to thirty pounds overweight. It was all going along pretty well, until my mom forced me to lose all of that fat. I had no choice, either. PE was hard, running was hard, and most importantly, life was hard.

Losing all of that 20 pounds of excess body fat was just plain hard work. I had to exersize everyday, I had to control my eating habits (I remember that too well; I couldn’t even buy a Snicker’s bar at HEB), and I had to stay as fit as I could. Man, if I wasn’t a big fan of pizza back then, I wouldn’t have to face all that hard work.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to face working out so hard?

Well, you could have done that. Easily.

The only reason that there is such a high rate of obesity all across the U.S. is that most people ate more than their body needs. Sucks, right? It’s not like that makes things better.

Well it kind of does. Sort of.

After thinking about it, a lightbulb went off in my head. I realised how people can lose weight. It has nothing to do with exercise, or expensive tropical fruit. It is only simple logic.

Millions of people are overweight because of one simple reason: they are taking in too many calories worth of food.

Your body needs to burn calories. It’s the body’s energy. Without a good calorie intake, the body can’t function. A calorie is the amount of energy that it takes to raise the temperture of water by one degree centigrade. So a calorie is just a measure of heat. The body needs good food that has a big calorie potential. However, not in excess.

Too many calorie units is not at all good for you. Out of all the food that you take in, you only use sixty to eighty percent of the calories in it. The rest of the calories are then stored as something no one likes: fat. It is then stored in your body as the wiggly jiggly stuff no one likes.

So my advice for losing weight is simple. First of all, don’t gain any calories. Eat only enough so that your body can do it’s work. Don’t not eat too much. You don’t want to be anerexic. Just eat enough. Not too much, and not too little. Eat enough so that your feeling of hunger is gone, but there should also be just a little bit of space left in your stomach. And also, go on a healthy diet, one with not much fat, not much sugar, and moderate carbohydrates. Eat Raisin Bran a lot; bran helps clean out your stomach of bad toxins.

Then exercise the rest of the fat off. In order to jump start your work out, try to drink some coffee, or green tea before exercising. Doing that should help you lose a few pounds. But, like always, check with a doctor about if you can or can’t do this.

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