Eva Peron and the political

Eva Peron and the political 
On January 15, 1944 an earthquake destroyed 90% of the buildings in the city of San Juan. 7 thousand people died and 12 thousand were wounded. From the Department of Labor and Welfare, Peron organized a national mobilization to which were invited the most popular artists. Eva Duarte attended the gathering for the victims. On January 22 was a great festival at Luna Park to benefit victims of the earthquake. Eva Duarte Peron, and the colonel began a relationship that the social legitimacy July 9 at a gala function at the Teatro Colon. 

Two days earlier, General Farrell president since March 11 (following the resignation of Ramirez) – appointed vice president of the National Perón, retaining his office in the Secretariat and the Ministry of War, which had been confided earlier. 

On May 6 of that same year Eva was elected president of Argentina Radial Group, a solidarity of purpose and that the union was founded in 1943. Perón had become the key man in the government and the most irritating to the opposition. The presence of Eve and the place it had been given a target for Perón’s own comrades in arms. If the Colonel was an unusual man, a woman who was at his side it was even more: he had decided to be with a man, not behind him. And Perón had accepted. Irreceivable then. 

On October 13, 1945 a section of the officers managed to impose Perón’s resignation to their posts. He was arrested and taken to Martin. At dawn on October 17 the workers began to leave their places of work and turned to the Plaza de Mayo: the presence of the colonel demanded. At night Perón came to the balcony of the Casa Rosada and announced the call for elections. 

On the role of Eva in the crisis of October 17 is the only testimonial evidence in the current state of research. In this regard, and as appropriate, the fighting between his men stand shoulder to shoulder (Alberto Merlo), tending the threads of the movement, bringing people to the square and put on 17, leading the descamisados (Perón ) without having any involvement in the mobilization (Cipriano Reyes), or absent in the description of the events (Luis Monzalvo). But Eva was not awarded any time in a driver role in the day: Perón was retaken by the people. 

From Martin, Perón had written two letters. In one of them told him: “Today I have written asking to speed up my retirement Farrell: as we were married and leave us to go anywhere to live peacefully.” The civil wedding took place on October 22, the religious, December 10, the quiet of living anywhere, never … 

The Labor Party established the Perón-Quijano formula for elections to be held in February 1946. In late December, the tour began proselytizing in the country. “The descamisados,” the train of the campaign, and he desandaba roads. 

For the first time in the history of the country a candidate’s wife was with him. I was beside him in the acts, supporters distributed shields, had direct contact with people … It emerged another woman: Eva came decisively into politics. On February 18 went a step further: it held a rally of women workers at Luna Park to proclaim their adherence to the formula Labor. The presidential candidate, ill, was unable to attend. Eva I took his word. It was his debut as a speaker. Do not let her talk. In each attempt, the answer was: “We want Perón!”. A few months later would be hailed. 

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