Eva Peron. Evita. In buenos Aires, as an actress

In Buenos Aires, actress 
The fact of the departure of Junín Eva in a 1935 letter has a number of versions. Which was installed with greater force involving the tango singer Agustin Magaldi, nicknamed the “Gardel’s Interior.” As the case may be, it presents interceding with the mother, at the request of Eve, to be allowed to live in Buenos Aires, merely give some letters of recommendation that you open the doors of the art world, or traveling there same with her. 

Refuting those facts, his sister recalls Erminda the conflict before the family of Eva rail decision to leave the capital and no less fierce Doña Juana to discourage, while pondering the influence exerted to advise José Rodríguez Álvarez the mother not to twist the vocation of their children. 

Eva was one of the many provinces that, for those years, came to the big city. Were times of poverty, unemployment and hunger in a country that was among the first producers of the food world. The process of industrialization began in the early years of the decade accounted labor coming from the interior, driven by the crisis. Immersed in this reality, Eva Duarte established for ten years, his passion for art. 

Shortly after arriving in Buenos Aires Eva joined the Company in Argentina Comedias, headed by Eva Franco, actress frontline between performers argentinas. On March 28, 1935 debuted at the Comedy Theater, a vaudeville brief role in “The Lady of Perez.” He remained with the Company until January 1936, with papers always sharing. 

In May 1936 departed on a tour of the interior with the Company Pepita Muñoz, and José Franco Eloy Alvarez, and in December, joined the Company Pablo Suero drama that premiered in Corrientes “The Innocents.” The year 1937 continued with the same company, which was presented by a few days in Montevideo. Back in Buenos Aires took part in the company of Armando Discépolo, considered one of the best theater directors of those times. 

In the following years led, in parallel, operating in theater, film and radio. As usual in an artist of their characteristics, conducted raids in advertising in the print media at the time. To have an important role in cinema had to wait until 1944, when he appeared in “The Circus Cavalcade.” 

In 1939 he headed along with Pascual Pelliciotta the Air Theater Company, first in Miter Radio and later at Radio Prieto. May 1 aired “The Jazmines 80. Moved with his radio programs on Radio Argentina, The World, and finally in 1943, began on Radio Belgrano cycle “Biographies of Famous Women,” which continued until 1945. 

When actress Eva Duarte radial off the stage, Eva Perón take his place. Your voice will reach every household, but no other women will play, it will be. And will then make a commitment to a cause and a man, Colonel Juan Domingo Perón. 

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