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Living on the Spiritual Basis, we have turned our will and life over to the care of God. The basis of trusting and relying upon a power greater than ourselves for direction and a sense of purpose was our choice. We made it when we faced up to the truth of being: That any life run on self will can hardly be a success. Plagued by unremitting waves of fear and an inability to live with any lasting sense of peace we sought a better way. We discovered that fear wears a hundred masks, is insidious and was a corrosive thread that weaved itself through every aspect of our being and try as we might we were powerless to eradicate it. The final crushing blow coming when we became convinced that self-knowledge availed us nothing, in fact, self-knowledge only intensified the discomfort, bringing home a sense of powerlessness that was nearly overwhelming.

From this seeming low point, we made a decision that opened the doors to a new way of living, to true freedom. Today we have come to rely on our connection to the miraculous for by our demonstrations in faith we have come to believe. What used to be the hunch or occasional inspiration has now become a working part of the mind. We are able to meet calamity with serenity; we have come to know peace. Our needs met for that is the promise of this basis of living, we place the welfare of others ahead of our own, this contrary action a touch stone to the true freedom of spirit. By relying on God to be the final authority in our lives, we have glimpsed our destiny, and that destiny is to be happy, joyous and free.


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