Computer Hardware and Peripherals Guide

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This quick guide demonstrates many different computer peripherals and how to use or purchase them.

ZUCR0042k-main_Thumb.jpgInternal Card Reader

A simple way to get data from your camera or other portable device to the computer is by installing a memory card reader. This allows you to simply remove the card from a device and put it into the computer, reacting the same as a computer disk or CD.

ComputerChip-main_Thumb.jpgMulti-Drive Storage Enclosure

The best way to set multiple drive storage is to set-up a home network and use a PC which can usually handle up to 4 drives at a time. That’s costly and requires maintenance. What other options are there? Take a look further and see how to set up a multi-drive storage system for your home network.

HowtoGetaDvorakKeyboardforErgonomicsjpegDvorak Keyboard

The Dvorak keyboard was designed in the thirties by Doctor August Dvorak, a professor of education. This design for the Dvorak Keyboard was initially intended for the typewriter, but is actually used in some high end ergonomic keyboards. Despite the benefits it has for ergonomic computer workstation applications, it has failed to catch on and replace the more traditional QWERTY keyboard.


Projection Screens

Whether you are setting up a home theatre system, using your screen with a computer for business meetings or even in a stadium environment, there are certain things to take into account when purchasing a projection screen which can affect the efficiency of the product as well as the reliability of the product.

HowtoGetWifi-main_Thumb.jpgGet Wifi

Wifi is wireless internet service also known as IEEE 802.11. It is supported by the vast majority of personal computing devices, both Macintosh and PC as well as PDA’s and many cell phones. If you want to know how to get Wifi, you have come to the right place.

HowtoUseWifi-main_Thumb.jpgUse Wifi

Wifi or IEEE 802.11 is a wireless internet connection. It can be used to connect a computer, PDA, cell phone or any other Wifi ready device to the internet. There are some intricacies involved in knowing how to use Wifi properly. This article will show exactly how to use Wifi, including some tips and tricks of the trade.


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