Earn From Unwanted Mail And Email

     Did you know that you can earn money for junk mail and junk email? There are companies that are willing to pay for junk mail. You can send them your unwanted mail and email and earn money. This is free and easy work at home income.

     One such company is the Small Business Knowledge Center. You can sign up to be a Consumer Panelist at their website, SBKCenter.com. There is no cost to join. You can start sending them junk email soon after you join. You will need the postage paid envelopes they supply to send in the junk mail.

     The application process is simple and easy to understand. You simply type your name, email, address and phone number into the registration form on the Small Business Knowledge Center website and click submit.

     You will be sent some postage paid envelopes for the junk mail. As a Consumer Panelist you are expected to send the junk mail to the Small Business Knowledge Center every two weeks or when the envelopes are full. They are already addressed and you don’t have to put any postage stamps on them.

     You will receive regular communication from the Small Business Knowledge Center. You will get a phone call from them soon after you register as a Consumer Panelist. You will also receive a monthly newsletter with the amount of points you have earned. When you have earned enough points you will receive a gift card.

     The gift card can be used to purchase anything from a large selection of online stores. You will receive some emails about your gift card. Overstock.com is a good place to shop because they have $2.95 shipping on every item and sometimes they have a $1.00 shipping special.

      You can start applying for loan and insurance quotes at any website. When you get information about loans and insurance in the mail you can send that to the Small Business Knowledge Center in the postage paid envelopes they provide. Send the mail and the envelopes. When you get loan and insurance emails you can forward them to Consumers@SBKCenter.com.     

      Here is a credit and loans website that will help you get credit and loan information. If you type in your name and address at this credit and loans website you will receive loan and credit offers from several national lenders. You will be getting free information from several companies for filling out one form online. The website is www.LoansAndCredit.ws. To get ready for your new junk mail earning experience fill out the online application at that website.



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