Is this job really meant for you? How to find it?

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Please study about you. You should know about the knowledge you gained right from your childhood days. What you learned in your school as education, hobby or just as a play will be of great value in searching a job.


Your academic bookish knowledge, practical training, leisure pursuits like playing music, singing, dancing, drawing, public speaking, running, cycling, riding motor cycle or any kind of participation in sports and proficiency in any of them will be a guide to get a job in any suitable arena.


Primarily, your academic specialization in college is most important to focus towards a job in that particular area of occupation. You will identify the correct kind of job that mostly suits with your college degree and the section of the faculty.


Your attitude is a very important factor to keep you glued in a kind of job that interests you always. Your mental satisfaction about the working of the job lies with your feeling of well being with the category of job. The job functions should give you fuller satisfaction. Hence, please see if the you have intense interest towards the job details, it is most likely that you will identify that the job is really for you.


Take time to study and learn about the requirements of the job. You may have to work in production wing. You will work with machineries to produce any special kind of products or spare parts. The job may have some indoor desk work, computer operations, counter sales, out door sales and marketing related works. The work may be related to listening and speaking in a BPO call center or in telemarketing services. It may be a hospitality industry that gives all the entertainment and happiness to the hosts and guests in a hotel or a club.

You need to know the work and working hours, ambiance and associates in working that give pleasure to you while functioning in the organization.

3. Do you have RIGHT ATTITUDE towards the job offered?

Now try to match the job offered with your attitude, which is your inner feeling. When your feeling says that the job will go well with your kind of actions, then it is your own job. It will go well with the present and the future activities in your life career.

4. Does your APTITUDE MATCH with the job?

The aptitude is your physical fitness to the job in performance. It depends on the skills acquired during a long period of time from the childhood till the time of application to the job. It is a natural habit, an acquired education and a training that fits to the requirements of the job in question. You will like a job and identify it as your own when you find your body accepts to work easily and naturally. It will go hand in hand with your knowledge and body’s willingness to take the job.


When the job and you match perfectly in all the requirements, you can tell with all the perfection and confidence that the job is really for you!



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