Book Review: El Club De Las Chicas Temerarias (Dirty Girls Social Club)

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This books recounts the story of 6 Latinas in the States; 6 girls all different from each other with different “secrets” despite what they show to the world. They meet twice a year to stay together, eat and gossip. The book is written in first person, for each of the characters; which makes it interesting because you see the world through each one of them but also how the world perceives them. The following are the main characters:

Lauren is a writer for the Boston Gazette, but who has difficulty speaking correct Spanish and feels a little bit of a fraud, plus her insecurity leads her to hide in her boyfriend’s closet to find out if he is a cheater and struggles with her bulimia.

Sara is the girl that has a perfect life, seems to have a perfect husband, two wonderful twins and a mansion. She is compared to Martha Stewart by Lauren, in her way of dressing and how she manages her household. Unfortunately Sara is living with a tragic secret that could cost her.

Amber is the most idealist of the group, who came to brace her true roots in the “Aztec” movement; she has flown to Los Angeles so that she could have a record deal with her rock n’ roll music. Will she get the deal after 10 years of trying?

Elizabeth, a native Colombian, is a local celebrity as a news anchor, but because of her public image, she has to keep a personal life very secretive.

Rebecca, is very controlled and is the owner of a magazine called “Ella” directed to Latina women, but can’t seem to understand her problems in her marriage to a rich philosophic man whose been working on his University Thesis for eight years. His family disapproved of his marriage to a Latina.

Usnavys, is the girl that is in search for the perfect rich man, but can’t seem to see that the person that she loves is right in front of her and always has been. A Porto Rican girl, whose name has interesting origins, her mother wanted a life with more opportunity in the United States, so wanted to give her a more “patriotic” name. So every time her mother saw the ships that said “U.S. Navy” she thought about freedom, and the name of her daughter came to be.
It is definitely a fun, easy read.


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