Marriage Reality; It’s Not All Roses and Candlelight

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You want to know what it’s like to live the rest of your life with someone? It’s not going to be like any of the movies or old sitcoms that you’ve seen when you get married. It’s going to be something else, something that you weren’t prepared to.

Married life is rather interesting to say the least. It all started long before you ever stood in front of those people and said those two magic words that changed everything. Those weren’t the starting point they’re just were we make the determination of the beginning of a marriage and where we move forward into the unique world of a permanent couple. Little do we realize that we have just entered into an entirely new world filled with people and places we have yet to discover, and we are in for one amazing ride that will hopefully last a lifetime.

The concept of living together as a married couple is often idealized as we grow up no matter how functional or dysfunctional our home lives were as we grew up. We think that once we say those vows everything will magically fall into place, and we will continue to be married for the rest of our lives. We don’t realize that there is work to be done and adjustments to be made.

Some of us are so set in our ways that we think our spouse will automatically fit into our world and do things that way we think they should be done. There is no way that we can step into the perfect marriage. When the honeymoon ends we begin to realize that adorable habits aren’t that adorable anymore and the nagging begins. Sadly we don’t realize that we are nagging, we think the things that we are pointing out should be common sense.

Once the marriage vows are said we begin to get more comfortable in our lives and the fact that we will never be alone again. The dirty clothes begin to hit the floor and dishes pile up in the sink. Now why is it that before we got married our homes were clean and we knew where everything was? Suddenly there isn’t enough space for everything that we own in our own homes.

We didn’t realize before we married just how much stuff we had and how little space would be available once we moved all of it into the same house. Once those little things are gotten past, if ever since most people do things without thinking, there are the larger issues like finding time together as you raise a family and work. There will be days when it seems like you aren’t going to get a moment to spend with each other for months and days when you’ve had way too much togetherness.

Marriage and married life is not the fairy tales we are read as children where once the vows are said the ending is always happy. Marriages take work, dedication, commitment and faithfulness. Faithfulness is the foundation of the trust in a marriage, when the trust ends and infidelity enters the picture then the marriage becomes shaky. Some make it past this and regain the trust that was lost while others never recover.

Entering the world of marriage and married life is something that will change the very life that you live. The changes are minor and major with only the effort that is put into the marriage being what is gotten out of it. Be prepared for your entire life to change once you marry and the changes will continue until the day the marriage ceases to exist.

Marriage is something that should not be taken likely. It is something that requires a lifelong commitment to work and lasting marriages are built on trust. When you begin to accept that your spouse is going to have faults you’ll have a happier marriage. It’s not all candles and roses but it doesn’t have to be to be good.


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