Finding a Psychologist

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I am going to be perfectly honest. I see a therapist weekly. He has helped me become a better person, and gain a greater confidence about myself. However, I just recently found one that worked for me. It took me two years to find one, but once I did, I was very happy. There are a few red flags to a not so good therapist.

1. He/she is short in answering your questions

2. He/she does not look interested in what you’re saying

3. He/she makes you feel uncomfortable during the session

4. He/she talks about themselves the whole time

5. He/she treats you like just another patient or just another “pay check”

6. He/she does not give you advice or couseling!

I will always remember my first therapist I went to. She was very unprofessional, she didn’t actively listen to me, she talked about herself and her perfect life, and she would basically tell me to “get over” what I am going through. (Isn’t that what I was going to her for?)

Choosing the proper therapist to suit your needs can be difficult, but it is completely possible. You may have to go from shrink to shrink to find which one helps you feel better. Remember, if a therapist upsets you by telling you something about yourself that needs to be changed, they may be correct. Why else would you get angry? The truth hurts. Don’t be afraid to tell your therapist anything. That’s what they’re there for. Its absolutely confidential, unless you or somebody else is in danger. Follow these tips, and you will find a therapist that is right for you.


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