America’s Most Haunted

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An hour outside Denver in Estes, Colorado you can find one of the scariest hotels in American history, The Stanley Hotel. The real life hotel was the basis for Steven King’s “The Shining.”

After a very interesting stay in the hotel King decided to write his third book based upon his experience. The hotel was built by F.O. Stanley, the designer of the “Stanley Steam” engines. There are numerous reports that he and his wife still room the hotel, where he frequents the front desk and she can be heard playing the piano in the lobby. There have been thousands of reports of children playing in the fourth floor hall, even when no children are in the hotel.

A visit Decatur, Illinois will bring you to the Lincoln Theatre, considered the most haunted theatre in America.

The Lincoln was built in the 1916 in classic horror film style, on top of a Native American burial ground. Worse yet, the site was built over the scene of a large hotel fire only a year before the theatre opened. Here many people report seeing people across the open auditorium, which has long been closed for safety reasons. behind the stage people believe the have been followed up a spiral staircase. Literally hundreds of accounts of unexplained incidents make the Lincoln the most haunted theatre in America.

The scariest real haunted house in America can be found in a small Iowa town called Villisca. Here the fomre home of J. Moore is simply know as “The Villisca Axe Murder House”.

The Moores came home from a church function with two house guests in June, 1912. Somewhere between midnight and 5am, J.Moore, his wife, their four children and the two house guest were brutally axe murdered by unknown assailants believed to have been hiding in the attic. All 8 were found dead the next morning. The case was never solved. The house was bought  in 1994, and restored to the historical state of the 1912 axe murders. The owners here say they constantly find childrens rubber ball rolling in the hall, and though they remove them they always come back. The door opening to the hall opens and closes by itself, usually around dinner time.


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