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Learning is a continues PROGRAM in every one life’s.  Whether it’s academic or practical. Based upon our personal interest it depends. Apart from all this we have certain things called HOBBY.

Hobbies are basically for stress relief and mental satisfaction. Actual purpose of hobbies is, to move away from this world for some time.

Let see one example:

                                       A guy thrown out …

From a company…….from a news paper who used to work as a contributor

Reason………lack of creativity

He sat idle for couple of months at home

He spent lot of time on hobbies

And the rest is HISTORY.

He is none other than Mr WALT DISNEY.

That’s the power….

Days changed, now we have a feasibility to change our hobbies in to our PROFESSION.

It comes under Arts. There are so many courses under this segment. It started up more of creative courses now it has grown much wider. We have more flexibility to choose our career as per our personal interest.

Courses available fashion designing, dress making, leather accessories, sewing, printing, silver & wooden jewellery, graphic design, Interior designing, creative crafts, Art, Drawing & Painting, Water colours, Embroidery, etc

Leather industry is ever green we can make money like any thing in it supported by enough creativity. This course is available in all arts colleges.

Most happening course now days are silver and wooden jewellery this will be perfect who are interested in creative field. This course is also available in all major colleges.

Graphic designing is also fast growing course and most happening. This will fit who are good at imagination and more abnormal. This course is also available in all major colleges.

Painting, creative crafts, drawing, water colours, embroidery these are the very soft courses but requires lot of creativity. This course will fit for those people who love to play with colours. Colour combination makes this courses and your life’s colourful.

These courses are economical also, compared to other courses both in time and money.

More interesting and most happening in corporate world is INTERIOR designing.

This course not only requires creativity, another main characteristic we must have is marketing skills, and we have to market you in this field. People who are more talkative will do well in this field. This course is available in INTERACTIVE DESIGN INSTITUTE Arts and Crafts in London.

In simple terms as an individual we may have lot of hobbies, hobbies are our personal interests, and if we have to make them as our careers means we have to look in to our self which is more compatible to our skills.

These art courses never bores us like normal professional courses and one more advantage in it for us means people like us who are more in to creative field, we don’t have a concept called RECESSION. Creativity never ends, it’s a ongoing process.

And another power advantage for us is we can change our profession as per our interest. We can learn any thing and we can do any thing that’s the confidence we gain compared to others, and we never feel strain in our profession.


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