How to create passive income through writing on ehow

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We are going to assume you have an ehow account. If you don’t, create one. They are free. Then we are going to set a goal. How many articles do you want to see in 1 months time?! Now remember.. The more articles you have.. the more money you make. I want to have 100 articles in 1 month, so I need to do 3-4 a day for a month! Not bad when you put it in those words, right? Set your goal and stick to it.

Come up with a list of at least 50 things you can write about. Brainstorm. If you sit down now for 20 minutes and do this when it comes down to writing about the topic, it will be so much faster. Trust me. The hardest part about sticking to your goal of writing 100 is the time it takes to figure out what you’re going to write about.

Come up with a time each day that you can stick to and work this into your schedule. You should be able to do it all in 1 hour, but give yourself 2 hours a day. That will be plenty of time to do any research you might need, plus getting picture and things you might need!

Always brighten your messages through pictures. Add a bunch of images throughout your how-to. You also get more points for more pictures, so always keep that in mind!

Stick to your goal, and your plan to write 3-4 a day. You’re not getting anything back in return at this moment, but if you can do this for 2 months I know you won’t regret it. As you are writing you’ll start to see what pays more. Your also working for yourself. So what you are doing today will repay you over time, and time again. You may feel like your doing it for null but once you see that income coming in, you’ll be surprised.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to write about Holidays, write about all of them. This way when some holidays are making money others won’t be. But if you cover the full year usually you’ll make up for the articles not making money.
  • Don’t kick yourself up over this, the more articles you have the more you will make. If you don’t have enough articles to make any money you won’t make it. So basically the more work you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.
  • Make it fun so that you don’t “hate” to write your ehows.
  • Don’t burn yourself out.

Don’t check your earnings your first 3 months. You might be upset that your not making much but as time goes on you will see there is a lot of residual income to be made.


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