Computer Workstation Ergonomics

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Computer Workstation Ergonomics

The following guide will take you through all the information you need to set up proper computer ergonomics at home or in the workplace. Plus, some fun information too.

HowtoAddressSafetyConcernforComputerErgoSafety Concern for Computer Ergonomics

There are many safety concerns that employers have for computer ergonomics. Whether in the home or at the office there are certain things that should be in place in order to have an ergonomic computer workstation which will prevent injury. The following steps will walk you through identifying areas of concern in order to set up an ergonomic computer workstation.

HowtoFixErgonomicsintheWorkplace-main_ThFix Ergonomics in the Workplace

If you are having problems within your company or home office with ergonomic computer workspaces, there is serious potential for injury. In order to prevent this you have to fix the ergonomics in the workplace. The following steps will take you through an ergonomic computer workstation assessment so that you will know how to fix the problem before injury occurs.

HowtoGettheBestErgonomicOfficeChairs-maiErgonomic Office Chairs

Ergo office equipment is essential to maintaining safe working conditions. Having the best ergonomic office chair, however, is one of the most important factors. Ergonomics are essential because they make sure that all of your joints and bones are lined up to minimize the stress placed on them so that the risk of repetitive motion disorders is minimized. Below are the guidelines to follow when selecting the best ergonomic office chair.


Dvorak Keyboard for Ergonomics

The Dvorak keyboard was designed in the thirties by Doctor August Dvorak, a professor of education. This design for the Dvorak Keyboard was initially intended for the typewriter, but is actually used in some high end ergonomic keyboards. Despite the benefits it has for ergonomic computer workstation applications, it has failed to catch on and replace the more traditional QWERTY keyboard.

HowtoChooseErgonomicOfficeFurniture-mainErgonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture is extremely important if you are going to be sitting at a computer for a log period of time. The most important thing is the have the best ergonomic office chair, but the other elements of ergonomic office furniture are important as well. The following steps outline the important elements which should be considered.

HowtoBuyErgonomicOfficeProducts-main_ThuErgonomic Office Products

Ergonomic office products are a huge part of the ergonomic computer workstation. The big things are obvious—chair, desk, computer, etc.—but what about the stapler and the telephone? They play a big role in the ergonomic computer workstation as well. The following steps will outline several ergonomic workstation products which will reduce the risk of injury in the office.


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