How To Get Instant Motivation

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Have you ever been in a situation where you need to start getting some work done but you just felt lazy and tired? Remember that you are feeling is simply a state of mind which you can change in an instant! Follow the following steps.

1) Create an Image 

     Think of a time in the past when you felt totally motivated and energised. It could be a time when you                        were really excited about something. Make a clear image of it in your mind.

2) Intensify the Feeling

     Now,intensify the feeling by stepping into your body and fully associating with images as if you were really            there. Next, turn the image into a movie and make it large, close, and in full colour. Increase the volume of            the  sounds and voices that you hear around you.

3) Change the Way You Use Your Body

     At the same time, I want you to radically change your body posture to match exactly how you felt when you          were totally energised and excited. Stand up tall and jump around if you want. Throw your shoulders back,            breathe deeply and put an expression on your face as if you were really excited.

4) Change Your Words

      Now, change the words you say to yourself. Say to yourself in the most exciting voice you can think of: ‘Yes!         I’m taking action now! I feel excited!’

                                           I WANT YOU STOP READING AND TRY THIS NOW!!


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