Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

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I created a budget last year for the holidays, but I had no idea that the economy was going to hurt us so bad. So, my family has come up with some interesting gift ideas so that we can still enjoy the holidays, without breaking the bank!

Idea number 1: In previous years we bought cookies from a bakery for our neighbors and had the kids deliver them. Typical cost – about $15 per plateful. This year, we are going to make candy instead! At a local craft store we bought candy molds of snowmen, wreaths, candy canes, and Santas. We also had to buy the chocolate candy melts in different colors. I know you can dye white chocolate candy melts using food coloring – but I was a little lazy! Through a mail order catelog, I found aluminum mini trays with different holiday themed lids. Total cost: about $6 per family!

Idea number 2: Homemade candles. Did you ever throw away the extra candle wax that was left over when you were finished burning a candle? Save that wax – especially from those expensive candles! I saved a huge 3-wick candle that fell and broke in many pieces last year. Using a regular pot and a glass vase from the dollar store, you can create new candles that make wonderful gifts. This year, my daughter is using no-bake clay to make candle holders.

Idea number 3: Food. My diabetic grandmother is on a strict diet, which makes it a chore for her to cook and so this year instead of those expensive meal plans that deliver to your door – we’re making them ourselves! It actually isn’t hard to find specific rules for certain diets. While following her diet, we’ve been making one-dish meals and freezing them. The plan is to stock up her freezer with a variety of healthy meals.


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