Chronicles of a Single Mother – No More TV

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Finally did it. I got tired of grumbling over the children staring at the boob tube. I know now why they call it a boob tube.  When I would peer my girls watching the boob tube, they imitated what a baby does when the baby latches on to the boob.  But this was a mental lock and their brains were nursing, but nothing all that good was going into it, they were consuming mental junk food.  There attitudes would reflect there mental, social, and physical malnutrition. My children became irresponsible dummies when latching on, I  mean watching it. I would  witness the transformation  from lively free spirited individuals, to stumbling zombies in a matter of ten minutes.

Upon waking I would hear the sound of the movies shifting from case to vhs,  the buzz of electricity that permutes off of the TV., when turned on from the static that tickles off of the screen (Yes you read right, we have no cable and we still use vhs). This was an unsettling reminder that the world is slowly going under one family at a time. And being taken over by nothing else but robots. But we don’t have to go under that easily, and as a mother I have the responsibility to challenge my children to open their eyes a little wider, and wake up.

I finally just got tired of being tired. I came up with a bright idea. Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I snuck out of bed ,first one awake, and took the TV. down into the basement/ laundry  room. Movies went along with it, and no I did not make the basement an entertainment room. The TV. is faced into a corner. “Sorry TV. but you are in trouble!”

See I found that about 60% of my gripe was associated with that darn TV.. My children didn’t have a problem eating in the living room while watching TV. I did. My children didn’t have a problem with me competing for there attention with the plastic talking picture box. I did! See, I thought it was my children with a problem, but the truth is the war was between me and the TV., and  my children were just innocent hostages.

Now I have peace. The stand still remains were the TV. once blurred and sat. Yet now it has wonderful books with lots of wisdom and knowledge to indulge the ever growing mind.. We go to the library at least three times a week and we keep our library books on that same stand. I can honestly look at that stand of books and feel proud. I feel like I made the appropriate choice that only me as the parent could make. I stopped complaining, and I did something about it. I took charge and went to war for my children’s, freedom and my own.

60% of my gripe has dissipated out the window.  I don’t know if and when I will bring that old boob tube back up here. We are happier without it. We sneak a movie off the internet from time to time, from  sites like where you can watch them for free, but It’s at night when the day is done, and with permission. And if I say no,” well, go read a book!” Or “get ready for bed so that I can read you a book”.

This approach has worked extremely well, bringing me even closer to my children.


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