How To Easily Thread A Needle

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I have always found threading a needle frustrating. Even if I put my glasses on and can see the thread and needle eye I have trouble getting the thread to go through the hole. It bends, it frays, it goes to the side. You know what I’m talking about. Follow these steps and you won’t be frustrated any more.

Clip the end of your thread with sharp scissors. It is even better if you can clip it at an angle. Just hold your scissors at an angle to the thread when you cut it. You may not see the angle but it is there. Even with this method it is almost impossible to thread a frayed thread through a needle so do not skip this step.

Hold the end of the thread between your thumb and first finger. Pull it from the other side until you can just barely see the tip end of the thread between your two fingers.You also need to think about the thread going in a somewhat straight line between your fingers, but don’t stress over it.

Hold the needle with your other hand and place the eye of the needle over the thread. Push it down between your fingers without releasing the pressure you have on the thread. Continue with the needle until it comes out of the other side of your fingers and it should be threaded.

Your fingers act as a guide for the needle while keeping the thread in place at the same time. You might have to practice once or twice but once you get the hang of it it works like a charm.


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