Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary

Your bedroom is where you sleep and relax. Too often, it is also the office, television room and the play area for the kids. Turn your bedroom back into the sanctuary that you deserve.

Even in a small home, there is enough space in other rooms to have fun. The living room and the kitchen are popular places in the house to gather as a family. The bedroom is for you and not the entire family.

We are speaking about the parent’s bedroom here. Kids and teenagers get their privacy in their own rooms. Why should the parents be the only ones who have to share their private space? That time is done and over. Here’s to your new sanctuary!

Choose a soothing color for the walls

If you favorite color is orange, choose a light pumpkin or squash color. You are looking for a softer hue of your favorite color to instill a feeling of serenity when you walk in the door. If you still want a touch of the bright, use the darker shade in your accents. Try a color that will go well with almost anything so it is versatile.

Use your wall color as a base for the other colors you choose for the room. Keeping bedding a neutral shade will help it blend in with the walls. You will change your bedding more often than you probably want to change the walls. Think of your wall color as a permanent and the other items in the room as more transitory when it comes to changing up.

Find your grown-up bed

As you age, your tastes change. For your bedroom, choose a bed that is both comfortable and fits the needs of you and your partner. A canopy bed was fine when you were young, but men aren’t too interested in them.

The bed needs to fit the room. A wooden sleigh bed may give you more space than a four-poster bed. Choose the height that suits you since you will likely have the bed for a long time.

Keep it simple

In keeping with the feeling of serenity, don’t cram too much furniture in your bedroom. A nightstand for each side of the bed and a dresser is adequate. The dresser will hold clothes for both of you. Your closet will hold the rest. If you need more space, choose a tasteful armoire that is not too big for the room.

What you want in your bedroom is space to move. The uncluttered appearance of your room will reflect the uncluttered nature of your mind when you enter. Leave papers pertaining to work, toys and the like out in the rest of the house.

Instead of overhead lighting, use lamps. Lamps provide an intimate feel and won’t keep your mate up when you want to read.

The bedroom is a place of escape for you. Use these decorating tips to create a real sanctuary of peace where you can leave the rest of your troubles behind.

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