Steps to take when repairing a Garbage Disposal.

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Repairing a garbage disposal may not be difficult depending upon what the problem may be.  In some cases when the disposal fails to operate, it may be a simple matter of resetting the clear button located on the bottom of the disposal.  The clear button is normally found on the bottom part of the disposal often hidden under the kitchen sink.

 Sometimes you may have some food lodged in the main passage of the disposal.  If this is the case a simple cleaning out will probably fix the problem.  Never put eggshells down the garbage disposal.  Be careful not to allow any dishrags or silverware near the base of the sink.  On more than one occasion I lost some silverware when it slipped down the sink into the disposal.

 Finally, if you find your disposal has more complex problems, once the problem is identified you can purchase the needed parts and materials at a hardware or home furnishings outlet.  Sometimes, fuses or wires have to be replaced and this is fairly inexpensive and easy.

 If you determine that your garbage disposal has major problems, it may be better to purchase a whole new unit and install it yourself.

 The life of your garbage disposal varies.  You should at least get a good five years out of your disposal.  You may consider purchasing a home repair manual, which would assist you in repairing not only the disposal but also several other household appliances.   These types of manuals are available at bookstores and appliance stores.


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