How to Make Traveling With A Toddler Easy and Fun

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Toddlers are great fun to travel with. At the same time, they are also demanding little travelers. Keeping them occupied and entertained while traveling is something that requires ingenuity and a great deal of thinking-out-of the box. Here are some ways to make traveling with toddlers fun, safe and happy.

Snacks, Drinks and Treats

 Stock the diaper bag or picnic basket with plenty of favorite snacks, drinks and other little tidbits that would keep tiny hands and mouths busy. Snacks can also, be used to curb motion sickness and ward off hunger pangs till the next rest stop.

 Picture Books and Games

 Carry picture books and other small games that can be played on the plane or in the rear seat of the car. Distractions like these would be useful during a long journey or when your toddler is tired of sitting in the car seat.

 Music for Toddlers

 If traveling by road, music can serve as a very good source of entertainment. Sing along and play favorite nursery rhymes and songs which would keep the little traveler engrossed and entertained. It would be a good idea to carry lullabies for naptimes and happy songs for travel times.

 Security Objects

 If your toddler has a favorite teddy or a security blanket, make sure that you have it with you before you board the flight. Otherwise, you would have a howling toddler on your hands who wouldn’t rest till the time he gets his beloved truck or toy soldier. So, keep any well-loved objects in the hand baggage that you carry or give it to your toddler before boarding.   

 These are just some of the ways in which traveling with toddlers can be made more fun and entertaining. If traveling by road with a toddler, you might want to read On A Road Trip With a Toddler

 The most important thing to remember when journeying with a small child is to be patient and make the trip both enjoyable and memorable. Scolding, yelling and threatening would only give you a headache and ruin the experience for both. So, relax, forget about the rules for a moment and enjoy being on a holiday.


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