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My Survey is currently one of my favorite paid online survey sites. It is legitimate and not a scam. There are many benefits of joining this particular survey site.

Sign up for My Survey. To join my network, simply click the My Survey logo below. Once you join, you will receive a few surveys for welcoming, enrollment, and to determine your preferences for future surveys.

Click this link to join my network!

Unlike many paid online survey sites that make you take half the survey before telling you that you don’t qualify and you’re stuck with a measly sweepstakes entry for your time, My Survey always offers points, even if you don’t qualify. If you do qualify, which is fairly often for me, you will be offered additional points to continue the survey.

Points are redeemable by check for $10 per 1000 points. My Survey sends pretty frequent surveys, so it shouldn’t take you too long to build up this amount. You are also welcome to save your points and redeem for larger rewards.

One of the most fun things about My Survey is that once you’ve been enrolled for a little bit, they begin to send you free products to try. You also receive points for your opinions, and they mail free products to your home. In the past 2 months I’ve received lots of products that are very useful in my household. Diapers, wipes, soap, deoderant, drinks. These companies are very interested in obtaining consumer opinions on their products so My Survey doesn’t hesitate to send out free products to interested consumers. All you do is answer questions once you’ve used the product for a specified amount of time.

Another great thing is My Survey’s referral program. They have a friend referral program and a website affiliate program. Signup friends by sending them an email, or put a banner or text link on your website, blog, or other online presence. My Survey pays 150 points per referral. That’s $1.50! Seeing how this is actually one of the better paid online surveys companies on the web, you shouldn’t have a problem getting signups for your network.

Click this link to join my network!

My Survey’s paid online surveys are quite easy to use, and not generally super long and boring. This fact, plus the constant free products, the bonus sweepstakes entries, and the great referral payouts is why My Survey is really in my top 3 for favorite paid online survey companies. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Always make sure you research paid online surveys before signing up.  You may visit for a legitimate directory of online survey companies with ratings and comments from experienced users.  These ratings and comments should help you to determine which surveys are the best fit for your lifestyle.  If you have experience with any of the listed surveys, feel free to leave your own ratings and opinions.


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