Habits that can destroy your marriage

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Are there bad habits that can ruin a marriage? There are bad habits that can ruin a marriage. There are some couples that have been married for so long they don’t really care anymore like my parents. My parents have so many bad habits that their marriage was ruined a long time ago. Their marriage was so bad years ago and that’s because my dad is really harsh on her and she won’t stop arguing with him. They have problems that they can’t seem to end by themselves. They love to argue and fight. Those habits would be considered as bad habits. They can choose to stop arguing and stop fighting but they won’t. It’s a bad habit and it’s like coffee to them every single day. It’s the cup of coffee that they can’t go without out. They feel better after they have that cup of coffee. Their craving will be quenched after that cup of coffee and that’s how they communicate on a daily basis. It’s like saying “I love you” in a tough way.

Fighting for them means that they are at least talking to each other, their marriage was ruin about ten years ago. It has something to do with my dad’s controlling behavior and how my mom just wanted her freedom. Yes, they have a horrible marriage and it affects all the kids in the house too. Their marriage has gotten better now since we are all grown up and they have little to deal with. They no longer feel like they need to fight that much anymore. My dad has OCD and that was one bad habit that ruins their relationship. The OCD habit caused him to yell at my mom every single day. He yelled at her when the stove is not clean and she yelled back. The argument continues for hours about dirty stoves. He yelled at her when the floor is not clean and she yelled back. The fight went on for hours. It continues like that for at least seven years. I would consider those bad habits. They can work it out but they don’t want too.

In their case, they can seek counseling or try to work out the problems among themselves. Bad habits will ruin your marriage. If you have an OCD husband you will know how his habits will ruin your marriage. What if he has a beer habit where he gets drunken days and nights? He won’t have time for you. He will miss work and leave the house dirty. He can ruin the marriage with his drinking habit. If he gets rid of his drinking habit he will do better in the relationship. What if a woman has a habit of nagging? She nags every single day about every little thing. She would say something like, “John, leave the door open when you come inside,” “John, why don’t you pick up your own trash?” “John, why don’t you do the laundry?”

If you nag every single day, your husband will get tired of it one day. I know my mom nags a lot every single day and my dad don’t like it. He preferred that she keeps things to herself. She won’t keep things to herself and it bothers him. It even bothers me because every single day I have to hear her fighting with my dad so little bad habit can ruin your marriage. What can you do about them? You can make a list of your bad habits and then try to put it in a bottle and send it off to shore forever and don’t look back. The more you can reduce your bad habit the better your relationship will be. It might just work for you. You don’t know unless you try it.


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