Choosing an Extended Stay Hotel

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For those of us who travel for business or pleasure, you may be accustomed to extended stays at hotels and suites.  It is important to choose an appropriate place to lodge especially when it will be for a prolonged period.  Most hotels consider any stay beyond two weeks an extended stay.  Many suites now have room safes for your valuables. 

 For extended lodging, you want to pick a comfortable hotel with either one or two bedrooms, full kitchen, voice mail service, full bathroom, and some kind of laundry service.  In addition, always look for amenities such as a pool; work out facilities, customer parking, and transportation services to and from the airport.  Some hotels are pet friendly for an extra charge.  Normally, a pet deposit between $50-$100 will be required in advance.

 Finally, make sure that you or your company negotiates the best rate possible.  Hotels should give you a special rate for extended stays, especially if you represent a corporation.  It is important that when you check out to examine your bill closely.  Make certain you were not overcharged for any items or services that you did not receive.  It is best to pay the final bill with a credit card.

 You will be surprised on how pleasant your stay can be with a few added amenities and benefits.  Amenities are things that make your visit more pleasurable, easier, and unforgettable.  Extended stay hotels usually offer special rates for guests staying beyond 30 days.  In some cases, the hotel will provide transportation services to and from the local airport.


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