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You want to go green and help save the planet you’re on but you’re busy and you don’t have a definite plan or schedule. LayZ Green People has a pledge plan to help you save the environment one step at a time. The steps will also be done by millions of other people at approximately the same time. You can join this Green Pledge Community free online.  

LayZ Green People wants you to know that you can and should do some things to help save the environment yourself. You know you can make a difference, why not start now and start forming green habits now before it’s too late?  

LayZ Green People offers some viable solutions and tips to help you go green. You will see a new way you can help on the LayZ Green People website every week, “The Pledge Of The Week”. The weekly pledges are tasks that don’t require time or money to perform. Millions of people will be doing these so you’re helping to make a big international conservation statement. Pledges will also plant trees via money donated to the United Nations Plant A Billion Trees program.  

July 2009 Pledges are saving paper pledges. Members are pledging to switch to electronic bank statements, to recycle all paper, to unsubscribe from junk mail and to print or copy on both sides. That won’t be hard to do, will it? Think about it, you’ll be saving paper, trees and forests. Are you ready to take the Pledges?  

To become a member, and take the Pledges, you should be 18 or over. You will be expected to upload a photo of you and do 3 Pledges. You’re also expected to upload 3 Pledge Pix of you doing your new Pledge. People’s Pledge Pix can be uploaded with their camera phones. You can see Pledge Pix pictures and videos in the Pledge Pix section on the LayZ Green People website.   

After you have registered, performed your new pledges and uploaded your Pledge Pix you will also receive a free Powerball Lottery ticket. Go Green and Win Some Green Money!  

Join the Layz League, get green habits and make a difference. You can see Upcoming Pledges on the home page. Members post messages in the Eco Talk Forum. LayZ Green People also has YouTube Videos to help you go green and save the environment yourself. You will do that with some of your lottery winnings, won’t you?  

Want more help going green? You can get helpful tips for green living at and green living resources at has a Free Vegetarian Starter Kit to help you become a vegetarian. You can order a Free Vegetarian Starter Kit for yourself or someone else on the website. You can also find green inspiration and supplies at


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