How to react when you’ve been cheated

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What would you do if you find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you? You have a few options. One is to break up, another is to fix it, and the last one is to stay anyway. There will be women that will break up and then some will fix it and then some will stay with their man anyway. I tend to think that breaking up is the best way to deal with a cheater. I believe that cheating is not right in a committed relationship and that person doesn’t care about you anymore. If they care about you they would be good to you. If they’re good to you then they would not cheat on you.

You can try to fix your relationship like Jenny Sanford or Hilary Clinton but it’s not like you’re going to end up with a good relationship. You can try to repair it if you have kids and it’s worth repairing the relationship. Sometimes people have kids together and getting a divorce or breaking up isn’t the best option. They try to repair their poor relationship but maybe they will end up breaking up one day. Once someone cheats on you, it sends a strong message and that is that they no longer care about you. They like other people because if they still care they wouldn’t cheat on you. If you neglect them then you can still repair the relationship. Men cheat sometimes if you neglect them. You choose to do other things with your life and you leave your spouse neglected. People often neglect their spouse in relationship when they have been married for too long. Sometimes you can make a person want to leave you or cheat on you. Your action has a reaction too.

If you think that you can repair a relationship then you should give it a try. I’m afraid that men will repeat their offense sometimes. The other option is to stay with the cheater anyway. Not a lot of women will stay with a cheater, the one that stays are either really in love or they have no where to go. I knew a girl who stayed with a cheater because she had no where to go. She was a young and lovely girl who ran away from home. There are many women who are dependent upon their husband and they have no where to go. They can’t do anything but stay with a cheater. This is why it’s important to be able to take care of yourself so that you don’t have to stay with a cheater. Men that cheat often repeat their offenses and you shouldn’t be too easy with them.


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