How to avoid being taken

Before the group enters your house you want to secure the area and arm yourself accordingly. Lock your doors and prop folding chairs against the handles. Spilling marbles in front of the front and back doors isn’t a bad idea, either, as many “snatchers” don’t look down when they walk into a room. Of course, you want to equip yourself with whatever weapon you have at your disposal; a kitchen knife, lead pipe, baseball bat (metal, preferably), brick, or revolver should be acceptable for your defense. Also, turn off your cellphone in case a friend calls and you need to stay hidden (mentioned later).

When the group enters your house find a place to hide, but in which you also have enough room to use your weapon. See, you don’t need much space to use a revolver, so it’d be a really good idea to get your hands on one of those sleek, shiny, metal peacemakers. I recommend taking refuge in a large closet, bathroom (with a shower stall), attic, or basement.

As the group looks through your home stay as quiet as possible and listen to them. If the group is in fact an individual, then you should fight for yourself and take down the intruder with your weapon, then make a citizen’s arrest and call the cops. If the group is made up of two or more people, power on your cellphone and call the police. If one of the men happens to enter your hiding place, attack without hesitation and move! You should carve a path from your hiding place to the exit of your house and get out of there as soon as possible, then wait for the police.

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