Popsicle Stick American Flag Kid Craft

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This American flag Popsicle stick craft is a terrific project for children and the hot days of summer are perfect opportunities for getting your kids involved in arts and crafts. Let them wear themselves out with outdoor pastimes and then when they are bored, bring them into the coolness and enjoy this fun Popsicle flag activity. Their creations can become holiday decor for all of the summer holidays. If you start early enough, they can be used in May for Memorial Day, June for Flag Day, July for Independence Day and September for Labor Day. Make them into plant pokes or attach them to garlands or wreaths.

7 craft sticks or Popsicle sticks.

6 mini craft sticks or Popsicle sticks

White glue

Red acrylic paint.

Navy blue acrylic paint.

White acrylic paint.

Standard paint brush.

1 inch star stamp or stencil.

Sponge brush

Wood skewer.

Wax paper


Cover your work area with wax paper to keep the area clean and to prevent the pieces from sticking to the surface. Completely paint all sides of four large craft sticks with the red acrylic paint, three large craft sticks and two mini craft sticks with the white acrylic paint. Let them dry.


Position the large red and large white craft stick stripes, side by side, starting with a red on top and ending with a red on the bottom. Glue a white mini craft stick across the stripes a 1/4″ from each short side. Set aside and let the connected stripes dry thoroughly.


Completely paint all sides of the last four mini craft sticks with navy blue acrylic paint. Turn the red and white striped piece over to the front with the mini white craft sticks on the back. Glue the four mini blue craft sticks horizontally in the left-hand corner of the striped American flag, creating the blue field.


Apply white acrylic paint to the star stamp using a sponge brush and stamp the center of the blue field. If you are using a star stencil instead, center the stencil on the blue field and use the sponge brush to lightly pounce over the stencil opening. When the paint and white glue are completely dry, turn the flag over with the backside up.


Apply the white glue to the outside edge of the mini craft stick that is directly behind the blue field. Position the wood skewer in the white glue with the pointed end sticking out below the flag.


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