Wrapped Rose Stem Wedding Bouquet

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Wedding bouquets do not have to be in a white plastic wedding bouquet holder. A simple ribbon wrap around the gathered stems can add a sophistication and elegance to the occasion. Making a wrapped stem bouquet is also a great money saver and that, of course, makes everyone happy. It should be made up the night before the wedding to prevent wilting, but the good news is, it doesn’t take much time at all. Purchase your roses from a florist or if you have a beautiful garden, then by all means, pick your own.

One dozen roses

Thorn stripper

Floral scissors

Satin scrap to match ribbon



Measuring tape

Pinking shears and scissors

5/8″ wide ribbon, 3 yards

Corsage pins


Strip the thorns and leaves from the flower stems with the aid of the thorn stripper. Arrange the roses in your hand with the blossoms heads all the same height. Holding the stems together tightly, wrap a rubber band around the stems below the blossoms. Using the floral scissors, cut the length of the floral stems 8 inches and wrap a rubber band around the lower section of the stem bundle. Wrap a rubber band around the center of the stems length to completely stabilize the stems.


Lay a saucer on top of a scrap piece of satin that color matches your ribbon and draw around it using a pencil. Cut the circle out using pinking shears to prevent fraying. Hold the bouquet of banded roses upside down. Drape the satin circle over the cut ends and gather the edges with your hands around the stems and hold it in place with another rubber band.


Measure a 2 yard strip of 5/8″ wide ribbon and cut. Fold the ribbon in half to find the center. Pin the center of the ribbon to the bottom side of the banded stems and through the satin circle. Insert the corsage pin slanted upward within the stems.


Wrap each side of the ribbon around the stems in opposite directions. Cross over the ribbon ends on the “front” of the bouquet stems. Make sure the ribbon is smooth and is not twisted. Wrap the ribbon ends to the “back” of the bouquet stems and cross over the ends. Repeat this wrapping all the way up the stems with the ribbon edges close together and slightly overlapping so that the stems cannot be seen.


Insert a corsage pin downward into the stems of the final crossover, below the rose blossoms. Let the extra ribbon hang down. Wrap the remaining 1 yard piece of 5/8″ wide ribbon under the rose blossoms and tie into a simple bow. Leave the ends long and angle cut the ends.


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