The Best Way to Treat Occasional Constipation

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At one time or another constipation can set in and it can be very uncomfortable.  There can be many reasons for bowel irregularities.  First, a simple diet that lacks fiber can cause occasional constipation.  In addition, certain bowel disorders and prescription medications can cause constipation.   Although, constipation may only occur once in a while it still can be quite uncomfortable and sometimes a bit painful.

 If you experience occasional constipation there are a number of ways to relieve the discomfort and return to normal bowel function.  First, try eating fruits such as plums, and raisons.  In addition, in many cases a glass or two of prune juice can do the trick.  As far as harsh laxatives are concerned, I would recommend not using them unless it is absolutely necessary.  If you do have to take a laxative, I would start with something less harsh like Metamucil.   It is best to first try something that doesn’t contain harsh stimulants or other chemicals contained in many of the over the counter stronger laxatives.  Sometimes an occasional “Fleet” enema may be required.

 Finally, if your constipation persists for more than four days it would be best to consult a physician.  If medication is the cause of the constipation, you may have to wait until all of the medication is excreted from the body before you experience any relief.  In most cases though, diet modification can fix this problem very quickly.  Again, I must stress that if the condition continues it is imperative that you seek medical attention. 


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