Ways to Over Come Weight Loss Anxiety

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Knowing what it’s like being a size 2 and everything fits perfectly and you never worried about weight gain then unexpectedly gaining weight and becoming a size 16 and ignoring your self then one day realizing what has happened can be mentally devastating know matter what the reason for the weight gain is. Finally acknowledging that you’re not the same and is at risk for horrible health problems can make an already bad situation worse, but now that’s all the past and you’ve been working out constantly and your diet has completely changed for the better; but now you’re suddenly stressed and even mad at your self because your weight isn’t dropping a fast as you planned. Though you may have a legit reason to be frustrated you have to realize that losing weight takes time and weight can be very stubborn.

When you eat emotionally and gain weight that fat that you’ve gained has memories and as you lose weight those memories try to haunt you. Constantly reminding you of the past and the “old you” this is why you are sad. Sadness when attempting to lose weight happens to many people and I don’t think they even notice. Ever work out then cry because you just spent an hour and a half on the treadmill for the second month straight and your still a size 14. That’s common and it’s possible you may have many more experiences like that, but now you know why you’re sad you want to look like the image in your head so badly and when you look in the mirror you’re nothing like that image and it hurts so much. When this happens just remind your self that you’re doing something about it by constantly working out hard which is the absolute best thing you can do. Having a pity party because you’re over weight will never help you drop those unwanted pounds.

Setting a very high standard for your self so early in weight loss should be avoid because you’ll become scared. Every Saturday you’re going to be terrified to jump on that scale because you know that you promised your self to lose 5 pounds a week. You’re scared to disappoint your self. Firstly anything over 1 or 2 pounds a week is too much and unhealthy weight loss and secondly be totally honest with your self you know how you eat at home and how “hard” you actually worked out that week in other words don’t force your self in those old size 8 jeans you have in 3 weeks and you’re size 14, it’s not realistic but 1 to 2 pounds a week is. To ease your nerves some weeks you won’t even lose weight you’ll actually gain weight. It’s called gaining weight before you lose you’re building muscle and muscle weights more than, BUT take ups less space so muscle is slimming and fat is fat. Don’t be scared diet and exercise is the key to losing weight you will lose weight just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll see your self becoming more athletic, strong and slimmer. Persists will get you the weight you want to be.

A few tips quick weight loss isn’t always healthy weight loss. People that lose 10 pounds fast eventually gain it back along with some extra so be very aware of fad weight lose programs. Stick with the original diet plan fruits and vegetables no expensive shakes of protein bars. That stuff is dangerous and filled with sugar. Remember if you’re looking to burn fat cardio burns fat but too much cardio will eat at your muscles so be sure to combine cardio with weights for maximum results. Ask instructors at your gym for more healthy weight loss tips.


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