Alternative and Natural Treatments for Acne

Treat acne using a few natural remedies known to produce positive results. Many acne sufferers swear by the results achieved through these household products, which can significantly reduce the appearance of acne.

Egg white is a time-old and unusual choice for treating acne. Acne sufferers smear the egg white over their face like a cream and let dry for ten minutes before washing it off. While the risk of using raw egg deserves consideration, its effectiveness in reducing acne redness and outbreaks has made this treatment a popular home remedy for many individuals.

Clear, liquid witch hazel is also a popular choice for reducing acne. Many sufferers apply it liberally with a cotton ball after cleaning their skin. While the strong smell may wrinkle some users’ noses, but the liquid helps clean the skin and keep away the oil and buildup that contributes to acne outbreaks.

A daily teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is also a supposed sure treatment for skin conditions, including acne. Many users mix it with water or grape juice to cut the strong taste, but claim that regular ingestion helps keep skin healthy and clear.

While none of these remedies are guaranteed (and should be used with caution), the results can be surprisingly good for acne sufferers. Compared to costly medications and over-the-counter creams, these household remedies may be worth a try for sufferers who shy away from chemicals (and additional expenses, too).

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