Looking Forward To Being Uncomfortable

>“…Anxiety, fear, worry, nervousness, resistance…all these are normal reactions to new situations. It need not mean something is wrong. It just means something is different.”                                                                                  – Barbara Stanny

Growth, whether it be exponential or slow-and-steady, always carries feelings of unfamiliarity. In order to develop ourselves and our skills, we are required to set aside comfortable ways of doing things and step into the unknown. After all, as the saying goes, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

If this is the year you’ve decided to step things up a notch, whether it’s in your company’s marketing efforts, your career or a personal project, you’ll get better results if you remain open to the idea that you won’t be feeling totally comfortable during this phase of change. The good news is that the discomfort you feel is actually sign that you’re making progress.

Instead of feeling frustrated during those times when you totally don’t want to work toward your goal, just recognize it as part of the process. Practice doing things you’ve never done before, or things you don’t especially want to do. Get support. And keep persisting. If you stick with it long enough, the new ways of doing things will eventually become your comfort zones.

The next time you’re facing a new situation and are tempted to tell yourself it is so hard, ask yourself, is it really hard? Or is it just uncomfortable?

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