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Everyone’s life is built on a foundation; many however will never take the time to inspect their foundation to see what it is made of until trouble comes. Living on the Spiritual Basis our work begins with inspecting our foundation, for without a strong foundation no structure, however finely constructed otherwise, will stand against the inevitable storms to come. The rock of our foundation is the knowledge of and heart held belief in a Power Greater than Ourselves guiding us and working in our lives.

Speaking in high terms and glowing assumptions is easy when the sun rides high, the tide low and the breeze gentle. Why do hard things like building on rock, which requires commitment and forethought, when there are easy things like building on sand. As the clouds gather, the tide rising and the wind beginning to whip it starts to become clear that a foundation built on sweet sounding rhetoric, sand, may be questionable. “There are no atheists in a fox hole.” When the storm intensifies and our structure blows away, swept out to sea in an ever-growing maelstrom, what do we do? Just as all have done before, seek solid high ground and shelter from the storm. Had we built here first, a great deal of suffering and death could have been avoided, but building on rock requires effort. What is your foundation built on? Sand or rock. The choice is always ours, but it is much easier to build on calm sunny days than in the midst of the storm.


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