How to avoid being scammed when buying a car

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Many people are lured into buying a car through incentives sent in the mail. Most people get ripped off looking for a saleperson that is the the same race as them and still get taken advantage of.

If you want a great car buying experience do your homework. Get brocures, search the internet for informations, and read consumer magazines that rate cars. Have you noticed dealers don’t keep brochures on cars. This is on purpose so you have to ask the salesperson about the car.

Saleperson get people to take their car down by finding something in common with you, and their knowledge of the car. These tactics are sales tricks. To get someone to drop their guard you need to find something in common this is why a saleperson will ask you allot of personal questions. The biggest trap salespeople use is letting you test drive the car. When you test drive the car you put yourself in the car. While you are in teh car the saleperson will refer to the car as yours. This is a mental trick. While you are driving the saleperson may say something like, If you don’t like this color we can get you a different color. This is a way to send a message to your uncounscious mind that the car is yours.

Salespeople love to give you the run around as well, people make unrational decisions when there tired. If you have been at a dealership all day and have been turned down for different offers, be on guard you may be lured into getting what they want you to get.

Make sure that every option you get has the dealers name on it. This means that the dealer will be responsible for it if it breaks. You should also shop around get a range of prices from multiple dealers. When you are at the first dealership don’t let the dealer know this, just tell him to give you his best deal, and you will take it from there.

You also need to read the stickers if you see D.A.P. that stands for Dealer Added Profit. If you see Locator cost that means the dealer located the car. If you see Procurement costs that means the dealer procured the car. Don’t get scammed for these charges these can all be negotiated. Beware of prep fees as well. If you see a prep fee of $100 or more take caution. The cost of preparing your car for delivery is already included in the cars sticke price.

Watch out for a saleperson turning you over as well. They say that need to take a lunch break or some other excuse to let another saleperson try to make the sale. Don’t get trapped in this scheme, this not only wears you down, it also makes you give in as well. If this happens you get away, and go for lunch and fresh air so you can think.


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