How Do Protein Supplements Affect the Body?

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Protein is an essential part of having a healthy body and diet. There are many sources of protein, but supplements are commonly used to improve skin quality, enhance hair, strengthen nails and improve the immune system.  Physically active individuals should include protein in the diet to provide the amino acids necessary for keeping muscles in good condition.

The inclusion of protein enhances the body’s ability to perform physically and also acts an antioxidant. When an exercise routine and healthy diet with protein is incorporated simultaneously, the results will include muscle enhancement. Athletic individuals should include protein to enhance sports abilities, functioning and performance.

Forms of supplements

Protein supplements can be purchased as bars, in liquid canned form and also powders. The most popular form used is powder, as this can be mixed in any type of liquid beverage that is preferred by the consumer. All of the forms are available over the counter in various flavors.

Selecting the right supplement

The manufacturer’s specification label must be read. Check the amount of sugar in each individual serving. Many protein bars, liquids and powders are enhanced with other essential nutrients. Using only pure protein powder is the best choice.

Choosing a protein bar

Each protein bar should have 35 grams per serving. Consumption of water should accompany the intake of a protein bar. This is required for the blood stream to distribute the nutrient throughout the body.

Choosing a protein powder

The protein powder should have a high percentage of protein isolate. Check the label to see the amount of calories provided per serving. Compare the calorie ratio to the protein level ratio. This will ensure the powder is not filled with fat. Another factor that will determine which powder supplement to buy is the amount of protein the body needs for proper functioning.  The purpose will also determine which supplement to purchase.  Sports active individuals will require a higher level of protein.

Food Sources for Protein

Many foods are excellent sources for protein.  A proper protein diet should include white meats like chicken and pork. Fish, like tuna and salmon, are also high in protein. Dairy products consumed should include yogurt, milk, and cheese (i.e.: mozzarella and Swiss). Foods made from soy are good sources. Other foods include tofu, lentil, organic eggs, peas and green beans. Red meats are also a good source of protein, but should be consumed in appropriate quantities to prevent over-intake of fat.

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