How to get free travel on cruises and airlines

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You can travel free by air or sea, and get free, meals, lodging and entertainment. Let me get ready to spill the beans since many of you are anxious to know exactly what I am talking about

If you want to cruise for free here ar some ways to do it.Cruise lines will offer a free pass for people who recruit 10 to 15 paying passangers. Airlines also will also do this as well. If you cant get 10 to 15 as long as you can recruit some people you can get a discounted rate. Especially if you book a group trip with 10 to 15 people and you refer them your trip can be free.

If you are an exert, in an area you can also get free passage on cruise lines. There is a high demand for historians, anthropologists, naturalists, and ornithologists. The cruise line would hire you to give lectures and be abailable for question and answering. If you have a PHD or masters you are probably a considerable candidate for this.

Doctors, nurses, athletic directors, coaches, musicians,and cosmetologists can all lend their services and get paid to travel for free if they are availble to be on 24 hr call on the cruise. You not only travel free you will also get free food, and board as well. There also is an increasing demand for single men who are 55 years old and up. These man are hired to dance and eat with the older single women who go on crusies


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